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     Most of these documents bristle with glowing links to material in other paragraphs, documents, sub-directories, or sites. Traditionalists may find these links unaesthetic and-or bothersome. (Whenever that's the case, just ignore them.)
[Occasional links mayn't yet connect, as there are always DIO creations at the still-in-prep stage.]

     Despite that risk, DR has quite deliberately and scrupulously inserted numerous inter-links (some simply bi-directional) to save the time of readers with a particular interest — and to illustrate fruitful thought-approaches — by exploiting one of the nicest advantages of HTML and the internet, quick-touch access to: back-up evidence, further exploration of a subject, and instructively-analogous case-material.
     The last-cited item is particularly valuable, since


— creative builder and the intellect's egalitarian leveler — is the native chemistry-of-the-intellect, partner to the two experiential components of thinking originally or rebelliously:


— the delicate lantern-to-enlightenment;
and rulerships' least-favorite unleashed mental process,


— the forbidden vital spark, that lights the lantern.