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The Peary Coverup's Secret Correspondence, by Dennis Rawlins
Johns Hopkins President, Nat.Acad.Sci VP, AAAS Chief Isaiah Bowman's naked conspiring: Secret 1935 threatening of Yale University Press to kill Peary-skeptical book by well-known rationist Henshaw Ward, CELEBRATION of Ward's premature death, Bowman's clandestine correspondence with Peary's daughter Marie, and decades-long deepsixing of records proving North Pole frauds by Peary and Byrd


The Sourdoughs, by Robert M. Bryce
Thorough examination of every evidence for and against still-widely-accepted 1910 alleged 1st climb of Mt.McKinley's North Peak by 4 non-alpinist miners.

DIO 22  DIO & The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

1. Ancient Accuracy vs History of science Society — History-of-science's Egglaying Race Continues Apace:
Isis-HsS-JHA 2015 Theft of DIO Discovery & Astronomically-Bungled 2016 HsS Attack on DR Greenwich Centenary paper
Resolving Conflict Between Greek Scientists' Ordmag 1' Latitude Accuracy vs Ordmag 1° Latitude Crudity of Ancient Astrologers' Geographical Directory (now called Ptolemy's Geographia, but its Degeneracy Due to Hipparchos).
Disgracefully Unquestioned Tradition That Far-Off Canaries = Blest Isles, Despite 800mi Latitude Nonfit, Ignoring Cape Verde Islands' Neat Fit

2. The Greatest Faker of Antiquity: Still Foolin' 'Em
— AllTime-Spectacular Ineptest Ptolemy Fakes — Some Hitherto Unknown or Insufficiently Appreciated, e.g., His Spectacular Mixup Re the Iconic Eclipse Before the Battle of Arbela

3. History-of-astronomy's Serial Data-Tamperers: Retards Retarding Potential Advances Via DIO's Cascade of Inductive Successes —
Revealing Brilliance of Kallippos, Timocharis, Aristarchos, Sostratos, Hipparchos, & anonymous Greek astronomers

4. Ptolemists Lay Another Egg: JAHH Suppresses Referee-Urged Contrary Evidence; False, Amateur, & Unbalanced Statistics

DIO 21  DIO & The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

1. “A Hack Job”, by Robert M. Bryce
The Enduring Perils of Copyism.

2. “Ignored” No More, by Robert M. Bryce
The Frederick Cook 1993 Ohio State University Conference.

3. Dr.Frederick Cook as Non-Navigator, Inept Liar, & Thief of Glory, by Dennis Rawlins
Amateurishly Indoor-Cooked&Doctored Double-Limb Solar Double-Altitudes Allegedly Outdoor by Sextant.

4. Finding the Cook Case's Smoking Gun at Last, by Robert M. Bryce
The Lost Original Polar Diary of Frederick Cook

5. Snow Job & the 7 Dwarfs — Incontinental Drift, by Dennis Rawlins
National Geographic's Unimpeachable Longitude Authority Proves Errant Brazil Kissed Africa Under 500 Years Ago;
Plus Further Navigation Founderation HyperDiscoveries: Moon a Planet! Tachyonic Tectonics! Relativity a Hoax!
NGS-NF Discovers Simultaneous Worldwide Lunar Appulse!

6. A Long Persistently Shelved Galileo Episode, by Nicholas Kollerstrom
1618's Great Comet: “Fly Like an Eagle”, Jesuit Grassi's parallax evidence of superlunary comet bests Galileo's conviction that comets were nearby terrestrial apparitions.

7. DIO's Own Bottom-Ten List of Establishment Myths, by Dennis Rawlins
Genesis; Moses' Tablets; Resurrectile Disfunction; Ptolemy's Solar, Mercurial, & Venusian geocentricity; Marlowe→Shakespeare Same Town Same Fortnight; John C.Adams' Post-Discovery Neptune “Priority” vs Leverrier's right-on earlier hit; Papal Infallibility's Circularity & those VatCity Cards; Peary's peerlessly steerless N.Pole navigation; Byrd's long-hidden N.Pole raw data; History-of-science's glorification of indoor astrologer Ptolemy as The Greatest while scoffing at outdoor-scientist observer & inductor-genius Aristarchos as incompetent faker.

8. AIR-ERRing ERatosthenes, by Dennis Rawlins
Airbending of horizontal light (atmospheric refraction) as perfect-fit source of large Earth-circumference measurement-errors of Sostratos-Eratosthenes & of Poseidonios-Ptolemy. Theory's triple-fit is final confirmation that 185 meters = pharaonic stade length.

9. Accurate Ancient Astronomical Achievements, by Dennis Rawlins
all three ancient monthlengths correct to 1 timesec; observatories' geographical latitudes accurate to ordmag 1 arcmin; lunar-eclipse-based geographical longitudes accurate to ordmag 1° and History-of-science's backfironic denial of the achievement; 185-meter stade's implication of Ptolemy I survey's Earth-measure to 1%; Hipparchos' 135 BC obliquity good to ordmag 1 arcmin; Greeks' recognition that solstices were accurate to ordmag 1 hour & superior to equinoxes; eclipse-measured stars, parallax-sign-slips & cannonized saint-editor; solar distance as origin of order-of-magnitude; distances to Sun & to stars gauged by visual limit 1/10000 radians expands heliocentrists' universe trillion-fold beyond geocentrists.


1. Archimedes as Astronomer: His 2200-Year Sunsize Disguise Unmasked; Evidence for Use of Degrees in Early 3rd Century Hellenistic Science

2. Ancient Solstices: Hipparchos' 158 BC solstice and Solar Year from his Eclipse Invervals & papyrus Fouad 267A

3. Hipparchos' Fake −381/12/12 Eclipse's 179° Elongation;
His Math's Mechanical Flawlessness; Greek Solar Theory Invented Ordmag


Galileo's Jupiter Satellite Observations, transl.&notes by Charles J. Donovan, comments by E.M.Standish
Included is Galileo's accidental diagrammatic 1613/1/28 record of Neptune's place, discovered by
Mt.Palomar's & DIO's Charlie Kowal, inspired by DIO-$1000-prizewinner Steve Albers' perception.


Marlowe Created Shakespeare, by Dennis Rawlins
One interpretationless paragraph (p.3) makes the truth plainfully obvious.
[See also DIO's short play,
GettingAway With NonMurder:From Topless Queen to Godless Resurrection]


Searching for the Ether:
Leopold Courvoisier, by Roberto De Andrade Martins

DIO 16  DIO & The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

1. Hipparchos' Eclipse-Based Spica&Regulus, Solved Via JHA Parallax Sign-Muff

2. Pytheas' Ideal Southern-View Marseilles Observatory Located: Cape Croisette

3. Aubrey Diller's Sph Trig Klimata Theory Perfected, & Gratuitous JHA Attack Upon It Refereed

4. Scrawlins

DIO 15

1. Charles Kowal's Account of His Discovery of Galileo's 1612-1613 Neptune Observations

2. Statistical Dating of the Phenomena of Eudoxus, by Dennis Duke

3. An Interesting Property of the Equant, by Dennis Duke

4. A Database for British Neptune-discovery Correspondence, by Nick Kollerstrom

DIO 14

1. Eratosthenes: Pharos Truth Behind Alexandria-Aswan Myth

2. Aristarchos Unbound: Ancient Vision

3. The Ptolemy GEOGRAPHY's Secrets

DIO 13.2-3

1. The Babylonian Theory of the Planets, by Hugh Thurston

2. Source of Hebrew Month:
Babylonian Science or Ancient Tradition? by Morris Engelson

3. Hebrew Month:  Information from Almagest? by Morris Engelson

4. Ancient Declinations and Precession, by Dennis Duke

DIO 13.1

1. On the Orientation of Early Egyptian Pyramids, by Hugh Thurston

2. Vast Eclipse Cycles: Stabilities & Gaps, by D.Rawlins

DIO 12

1. The Southern Limit of the Ancient Star Catalog, by Keith A. Pickering

2. On the Clarity of Visibility Tests, by Dennis Duke

3. The Measurement Method of the Almagest Stars, by Dennis Duke

4. The Instuments Used by Hipparchos, by Keith A. Pickering

5. A Re-identification of some entries in the Ancient Star Catalog, by Keith A. Pickering

DIO 11.3   Three Ways Ptolemy Could've Solved Venus' Orbit Honestly:

5. Ancient Solutions of Venus & Mercury orbits, by Dennis Duke

6. The Crucial-Test V-bomb: Hey-Nobody's-Perfect, by Dennis Rawlins

7. Unveiling Venus, by Hugh Thurston

DIO 11.2

4. Ancient Planet Tables' Long-Cycle Ancestries, by Dennis Rawlins

DIO 11.1

1. Aristarchos & the "Babylonian" System B Month

2. Babylon's System A & the 1274 BC Eclipse

3. Hipparchos' Draconitic Month & the 1245 BC Eclipse

DIO 10  DIO & The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

DIO's Report (co-published with the University of Cambridge) on R.Byrd's 1926 North Pole Hoax

  Amundsen: Cheated & Uncheated … First at EACH Pole

  Byrd 1926 North Pole Claim's Burial Slides from Decent to Indecent

  Bernt Balchen's Air Double Priority & Skepticism Vindicated

  Byrd's Courage & Navigational Pioneering Merit Admiration Nonetheless

DIO 9.2-3

4. Response to FACS's "Critical Review", by Robert M. Bryce

5. The "Washburn-Rawlins-Bryce Troika", by Robert M. Bryce

 The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

6. High Comedy at Low Altitude, a DIO Commentary

DIO 9.1

1. British Neptune-Disaster File Recovered, by Dennis Rawlins

2. Ecliptical Coordinates Beneath Hipparchos' Commentary, by Keith Pickering

3. Continued-Fraction Decipherment: Ancestry of Ancient Yearlengths & Aristarchos' pre-Hipparchan Precession<\A>, by Dennis Rawlins

DIO 8    A Thurston Collection

1. R. R. Newton versus Ptolemy, by Hugh Thurston

2. Mediaeval Indians and the Planets, by Hugh Thurston

3. WWII Cryptography, by Hugh Thurston

4. Book Reviews of J.Evans 1998 & N.Swerdlow 1998, by Hugh Thurston

5. Scrawlins

DIO 7.2-3

7. The Fake Peak Revisited, by Robert M. Bryce

8. Cook's Curious Timetable, by Robert M. Bryce

 The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

9. Unfalsifiability-Summit, Flub-Summit, Barometer-Bomb, a DIO commentary

DIO 7.1

1. Robertson's Data Fabrications, by E. Myles Standish

2. Hipparchus & Spherical Trigonometry, by Curtis Wilson

3. Hipparchos at Lindos, a Modest Confirmation, by Rawlins

4. Peary's Memorandum on Steering, by Hanne Dalgas Christiansen

5. Unpublished Letters

6. van der Waerden: a Mathematician's Appreciation, by Hugh Thurston

DIO 6  DIO-Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

1. Testing Princetitute-Muffia Omertà: Equation 31, by Rawlins


2. A Mayan Table of Eclipses, by Hugh Thurston

3. Crawling Towards Integrity

4. OJ Darts & Nordberg Walks

5. Hero & Doppelfanger: A Shaggy Were-Dog Story


Aubrey Dillerís edition of Ptolemyís Geography, Book 8
  Plus 2009's Surprise 14-for-14 Vindication of Diller's 1934 Proof of 2nd Century BC Spherical Trig

DIO 4.3

11. Concise Chronology of Approaches to the Poles, by R. K. Headland

12. Richard Byrd, Bernt Balchen, & the North Pole, by Rawlins

13. Scrawlins

14. Recovering Hipparchos' Last Lost Lustrous Star

15. Naked Came the Arrogance

DIO 4.2

Competence Held Hostage #2: The Princeton Institute vs. Aubrey Diller

6. Ptolemy's Backwardness, by Hugh Thurston

7. Unpublished Letters

8. The JFK Assassination Conspiracy Conspiracy

9. Scrawlins

10. The "Theft" of the Neptune Papers: Amnesty for the Astronomer Royal?

DIO 4.1

Competence Held Hostage #1

1. Pan-Babylonianism Redivivus? Ivy League Fundamentalism, by David Dicks

2. Columbus's Landfall at Plana Keys, by Keith Pickering

3. Hipparchos' Sites, his Spherical Trig, & R. Newton's Star Catalog Test, by Rawlins

4. Casting Pearls Before Pyglets: a Cautionary Tale of Duffermuffs & Flatterfeet

5. Announcing DIO Edition of Tycho's Star Catalog: Gratis to Subscribing Libraries


Tycho's Star Catalog: the First Critical Edition

  A. KiloPerfectionism

  B. Spherical Trig: Precision by Brainpower

  C. The Catalog's Misunderstood Accuracy

  D. Error Medians

  E. Error Standard Deviations

  F. Least-Squares Analysis of Errors

  G. Principal-Star Error Trends

  H. Exceptional-Star Error Trends

  I. Select-Star Error Trends

  J. Discussion of Error Tables

  K. Total Star Count

  L. How Dim Was Tycho's Magnitude Limit?

  M. Discussion of Individual Stars' Errors [& List of Abbreviations]

  N. The Final Fifty Stars: Complete Spherical Trig Reconstructions

  O. Tycho's Rank

  P. Preface to Full Tabulation of Catalog D's 1004 Stars for 1601.03, plus 100 Select Stars for 1601.03 & 1701.03

DIO 2.3

6. Scrawlins

7. Unpublished Letters

8. Current Developments: Columbus, Amundsen, and Ptolemy's Jekyll&Hide Defenders

9. The Neptune Conspiracy: British Astronomy's Post-Discovery Discovery

DIO 2.2

5. Amundsen's "Nonexistent" 1911 South Pole Aiming Data

  A. Ted Heckathorn

  B. The You're-Another Defense of Peary's Alleged Course-Setting

  C. Clott of the Antarctic?

  D. Moore Logic

  E. The NavFou Piles On

  F. Heckathorn Finds Amundsen's Transverse Data

  G. Recovering Amundsen's Spherical Trig Calculations

  H. Scott's Navigational Math

  I. Ex-Meridian Overprecision & Fatigue

  J. Amundsen's Path to the Pole

  K. Bunker Buncombe

  L. Appendix: Coverup Cubed

DIO 2.1

1. Scrawlins

2. Correspondence

3. Referees Refereed

4. Tycho 1004-Star Catalog's Completion Was Faked

DIO-Journal for Hysterical Astronomy 1.2-3

  9. Muffia Orbituary

 The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy 1.2: Adventures in MuffiaLand

  A. Let Us Now Braise Famous Men

  B. The Winter of Our Disrefereeing

  C. Somersaults & Winter Equinoxes

  D. Even a Hun Can Have Fun: Blitzkreig in the 'Jest

  E. DeToga Party: Lead Paper, Lead Balloon

  F. R.R.Newton's Ghost Flattens Babylonian Unicycle

  G. TrigOut Orgy

  H. Browning-Squared

  I. It Is Best To Be Clear About One's Conduct

  J. And The Last Shall Be First: Muffia Immolation-Scene

 DIO 1.3: Hipparchos: Real & Unreal

  K. Old Turkey: The Mystery of Hipparchos' Roots

  L. Hipparchos' Eclipse Trio B Reveals His Early Solar Orbit

  M. Frankensteinorbit Meets Trio A

  N. From Hipparchos' Sham Emerges: Aristarchos' Lunar Apogee

  O. Ancient Heliocentrists' Adoption of the Astronomical Unit

  P. Basking Case

  Q. Improved Estimates of Aristarchos' Distances to Sun & Moon

  R. Haute Cowture & Pseudo-Aristarchos' Fatal Contradiction

  S. Hipparchos in Scientific History

 The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

  10. Black Affidavit

DIO 1.1

1. Prologue: by Dennis Rawlins

2. Rawlins' Scrawlins

3. Unpublished Letters

4. Peary, Verifiability, and Altered Data

5. The Scholarly Integrity of Book Reviews, by Robert R. Newton

6. Hipparchos' Ultimate Solar Orbit, by Dennis Rawlins

 The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy

7. Figleaf Salad: Ptolemy's Planetary Model as Funny Science, by Dennis Rawlins

8. Royal Cometians: Reputability, Reform, & Higher Selfpublication, by Dennis Rawlins