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Febuary 13th Challis requests Uranus-data from Airy for Adams



1st Eugene Bouvard presents 'New Tables of Uranus' to the Paris Academy.
Mid-Sept: Adams comments on the new planet’s position to Challis
22nd Arago at French Institute asks Leverrier to investigate NE perturbations
26th Airy returns from France
29th Letter from Airy to Challis (right)
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15th The Times prints a letter by Adams about a new comet.
c.21st Adams visits RGO, unannounced, at 3 & 4 pm
27th Airy investigates incest-murder charge and suspends a senior RGO worker
29th Birth of Airy’s 7th child



10th Leverrier gives first Memoir on Uranus to Paris Academy, his 31st on celestial mechanics since 1839.
12th Adams finds a solution to radius vector perturbn. 14th Adams elected a FRAS, on Challis’ proposal


December 1st Challis sees Biela’s comet
4-6th Airy visits Challis at Camb. (+ Adams possibly)



9th Adams solves equations for Biela’s comet, tells Challis



Adams addresses RAS, on the two heads of Biela’s comet.



1st Leverrier’s first prediction, to Paris Academy
10th Astronomer Peter Hansen visits Airy, until July 4th.
23rd Airy receives Leverrier’s first prediction
29th Airy addresses Board of Visitors of Royal Observatory meeting



2nd Airy & Hansen meet Adams in Cambridge, crossing St John’s bridge.
9th Airy urges Challis to commence a sky-search.
Adams prepares an ephemeris, for Challis’ guidance
29th Challis starts his sky-search



10th Mr & Mrs Airy start tour of Europe , with Wiesbaden spa
31st Leverrier’s final prediction published



2nd Adams sends first letter on the new planet, to Airy
10th BAAS meeting starts at Southampton, 1 week
18th Leverrier writes to Galle at the Berlin Observatory
23rd Leverrier’s letter received at Berlin in evening
24th 0h 15min PLANET FOUND by Galle and D’Arrest
29th Airy hears news of new planet, while at Gotha.
30th Challis hears the news; Hind is first Englishman to see it.



1st Lev. sends letters to the observatories of Europe, announcing the name 'Neptune' and symbol, a trident.
1st Times publishes Hind’s letter, on new planet found.
3rd 1st public linking of Adams's name with new planet, by Herschel in Athenaeum
5th Airy visits Schumacher (editor of Astr. Nach) at Altona
10th Lev’s final theory published in Astr. Nach.
11th Airy returns to England. 17th, Challis and Adams propose the name Oceanus for the new planet.
19th Arago addresses stormy meeting of Academy of Sciences in Paris



13th Adams 'predictions' of 1845 are revealed, at an RAS meeting hearing Airy, Challis and Adams.



3rd-10th Seven letters pass between Sedgwick & Airy
5th Athenaeum editorial accuses French of ‘mania’
12th Challis reports to Observatory Syndicate at Cambridge