Brevity Levity


We Might Have Seen

  • Mexican Immigration is Racist: Choosing White Nation Over Brown.

  • Don't Parole Killers to Lower Jail-Crowding. DO THE CRIME, DO THE CRAM.

  • State-Funded Abortions: Moms Who Can't Afford Abortions, Can't Afford Kids.

  • Support or Abort.

  • The Poor on the Dole Puts the Mafia on the Dole. Which One Ends Up Non-Poor?

  • Nobody For Mayor. This City's Been Mayored Long Enough.

  • Female Muslims, Catholics, & Mormons! What's Next? Black Confederates?

  • Republicans For Unplanned Parenthood! (And We Don't Want Moms on Welfare, You Know.)

  • No More Ron in '84. (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §D1 [p.47].)
    [When this one came to DR in the early 80s, he could've contributed it to the Dembos. If he'd thought they were any better or less worse than the Dumbos.]

    or May Yet See

  • Dembo Immigration Policy: Borders are Racist.

  • A Congress Not Half Female Is Sham Democracy.
    (DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §D [pp.92-93].)

  • Lead's prime factor in poverty-area deaths? Bullets.

  • Rape Is Pro-Life. [Is Celibacy?]

  • BAWLMORE! Suicidal Baltimore WeepBegs for Next Poverty Cycle's Funding.

  • Cuba: Sugar Rots Your Teeth, Tobacco Rots Your Lungs, Marx Rots Your Mind.

  • Clinton heart-bypass surgery: his welfare-reform.

    Some of the above (which, obviously, are not necessarily to be taken as DR beliefs) previously appeared in DIO, e.g., DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §E7 [p.47].