Cartoon by Pat Oliphant International Herald Tribune 2006/4/11

Slavery Reborn in the US, Yet Again

Mass Illegal Immigration & The Americas' Poverty Plague

Are Pestilences Cured by Importing Them?

How Ethically Uplifting Is It to Flood the US With Sneaks?

Employed by Equally Sneaky Slaver-Businesses

Economic “Solution”: Worse Than the Problem

Poet Robert Frost's now-out-of-fashion motto: Good fences make good neighbors.

  • A Reasonable Proposal:
    The 1986 Reagan immigration deal was a trade of amnesty for millions of illegals —THISsnickerONCE — in return for the gov't's cross-our-heart promise of hermetic border-security henceforth someday… which never happened or was ever meant to happen.
    Therefore, mythic honest pols MIGHT demand that the latter part of the “bargain” be fulfilled before a single person is ever amnestied again. (Talk about Dreamers…!)

    Cartoon by David Low 1935 Summer. Republished in Low's A Cartoon History of Our Times 1939 p.55.

  • Swindling and Dwindling the Native Public — Swallowing a Nation
    to Meximize the Mob's Drug-Profits & the Super-Rich's Cheap-Labor-Profits
    The one-way aspect of converting the US into just one more Latin-American country (where the 1% rich typically dominate a nation of virtual-slave peons) by one-after-another proposals of new-amnesty-in-exchange-for-phony-tight-border-promise, has an irresistible parallel to a 1935 David Low cartoon on Japan's serial gobbling of a China too obsessed with West-backed internal anti-Communism to fight its real external devourer (by raw force in that case — instead of raw fecundity), depicting a “Jap” tiger with the lower half of a farmer, “China” already in his mouth, the upper half still-bargaining, strictly drawing-a-line across his chest and delusionally-in-control FIRMLY DEMANDING that THIS-time it's the very-Very-VERY last concession.

  • The Next Wall:
    TV 'snews airs speaker harranguing a crowd: “let's build a wall — to guard against the population-exploding crime&drug-ridden Latino nation just south of us.”
    Observer asks: hey, just who is that offensive guy?
    Answer: Canada's 2030 Prime Minister.]

  • If there are enough fatally risky Moslems to justify destroying privacy regulations throughout the civilized world, then there are enough of same to justify barring them from that world.

  • Libs who weep at the cruelty of refusing the border immigration of unwanted refugees don't mind refusing the vaginal immigration of unwanted births.
    And vice-versa for foetus-hugger fundies.
    [Each cult concentrates fire on its end-doesn't-justify-means target, which it regards as so inherently, irredeemably evil that one can ignore the long-term-cruel-poverty resulting from a short-term-merciful policy.]

  • Fave black-comedic oxymorons of immigration debate:
    [a] Referring to border-sneaks who commit no other crimes
    (so far [that we know of]):
    as “law-abiding illegals”.
    [b] Chicago's mob-mayor proud to elevate a “Sanctuary City” to national murder-capital.
    Advertising a place as guaranteed-SAFE. For illegals.

  • One More Central Point the FreesnickerPress Won't Mention:
    Masslem Bedlam. Is Proactivity Worse Than Necessitating a No-Privacy Police State?
    Given Libs' unverified trust that only a few Muslims are religious fanatics, why aren't Libs upset at the Offensive mistrust signified by gov't snooping into emails and phonechats? Answer: well, there are a-few-dangerous-ones. But, wait. That's-MY-line!
    I.e., isn't that the very same reason we “bigots” who oppose a religious-fanatic-tsunami, resist injecting Moslim millions into the US in the 1st place?

  • And why is the snooping so whimpily accepted, while those who howl at the Indignity of stop&frisk (waaay less deeply intrusive) are genuflected-to on establishment media as serious philosophers.

  • More Backfiring Short-Term Mercy:
    In 1950 Baltimore, crime was so low that many left their homes borderlessly unlocked. Then national Dumbos and Baltimore's local notoriously mob-connected Dembos (dominated by Baltimorean Nancy Pelosi's family) decided that ethnic boundaries between neighborhoods were immoral.
    Now every Baltimore home is bounded.
    By locks of metal and of eternal frustration's inevitable hatred of the successful.

  • Exponential Jebberish:
    Jebbush at Dumbo debate 2015/11/10: you can't send back 11 million “undocumented” Latinos.
    Jebbush at Dumbo debate 2035: you can't send back 22 million acts of love.
    Uncloseted Jebbush at Dembo debate 2055: no devolver 44 milhao ciudadanos.
    Jebbushez at 1-party debateless conclave 2075: [transl] why can't we just send the continent's last few dozen greengos back to Europe? If anyone can find them.

  • Feckless Texas:
    Dembo immigration policy at the Texas “border” = bloodless slomo-Alamo for the other 49 states.

  • Stitch in Slime:
    What is the purpose of abortion?
    To save an unwilling woman a lifetime of nontrivial payment for a trivial mistake.
    Analogously, ask the French citizenry today if they think decades of letting millions of fanatical and over-fertile religious nuts into their country was a little oops-oversight (actually a deliberate policy promoted by slimy lobbyists, for industrialists looking to exploit cheap — virtually slave — labor) that now threatens the entire future of the French freethought tradition, the freedom of women, and the safety of Jews and other “infidels” — due to be numerically buried (through vaginal immigration) by an exponentially exploding population, just like Darkest Baltimore 1950-to-date&beyond.
    As ongoing surprise (but-but-he-seemed-so-nonviolent) beheadings keep vainly hinting to impenetable PCers, US natives yet remain oblivious to what fraction of Moslems may not be as tolerant as projected by surface appearances and present not-yet-majority status .
    Should France have to live forever with the horrid consequences of a few dumb years of a busted-rubber border? — until the nation either turns permanently [1] into the forever-unrevertable blackhole of a caliphate? Or [2] into a police state (snooping into everyone's communication, which only became necessary when Moslems entered the US — without its natives even being asked, until too-late)
    [When immigration-destruction of a nation begins, it is so unpopular that it has to be initially carried out on-the-sly. NOBODY VOTES ON IT. But when its effects finally begin patently disrupting a society, opponents are told that deportations would cruelly break up families. I.e., THE EFFECTS OF NOT LISTENING TO PROVIDENT FOLK ARE USED TO EXTEND THE FOLLY. As Animal House's Otter memorably put it: “You [screwed] up. You trusted us.”]
    [Or, for CBS' anti-Islamaphobic anchor Scott Pelley, WhatBacks Vs VagBacks: Libs' Slomo-Suicide [2014]:
    Libs are rightly dubious of conservative religion's anti-feminism, thought-control, and population-explosiveness. Yet, both in the US and Europe, Sobbing Libs cannot face the Unfairness & Cruelty (with “Racism” tossed in — simply because it's always being tossed in) of rejecting illegal immigrants from nations that bring those very religious poisons into the invaded nations.
    (Majorities of most native populations of said nations oppose such immigration, but “Liberals” think that dictatorially decreeing it — is good for everyone anyway, without the nation ever getting a direct vote on the matter.) A deeper contradiction: Libs' pro-abortion-rights attitude is partly for personal convenience but (supposely) much based upon concern that unrestricted fecundity in poverty areas simply expands poverty's misery. What's the difference between such dangers from vaginal immigration vs the very same dangers from border immigration? Except that too many Libs too often think with something mushier than their brains: they can't turn down a visible pathetic case, meaning that the crucial difference here is embarrassing unphilosophical: the mere INVISIBILITY of the foetuses Libs are OK with mass-killing-off, for the wise ultra-goal of maintaining general social welfare and stability.

  • Olé Miss:
    Soon, when Latino immigration numerically swamps the state of Mississippi, Ole Miss need only add an accent.

  • The centrist, super-rich-owned US press wails&rails at the several states that are attempting to check citizens' papers as part of fighting illegal immigration. MSNBC's Olbermann acts like the pathetically weak Arizona law is the end of freedom in the US, calling it the “Papers Please” Law. Why is the US press incapable of reporting to its audience the revealing fact that in such countries as Austria, police can check anyone's papers anytime without any excuse given. (DR has seen it happen there again & again.) No need for the checkee to be apprehended at a 2nd crime (over&above illegal entry), the trigger for AZ searches, which hugely guts its efficacy in lowering the illegal population. In spite of the fantasy fears encouraged by US pressdum, Austria is a far more pleasant nation to live in than the violent and ETERNALLY poverty-ridden US.

  • What an Extreme, Bizarre, Crazy Idea!
    Has anyone ever proposed immigration-quotas based upon statistical measures of the past post-immigration record of demonstrated productivity and success by various vying groups?

  • On 2014/11/21 Obama (Himself intimate with the furtive, sneaky drug world) inclusively REWARDED 5 million seasoned sneaks (as if these will be the-very-very last illegals, so His action is really-really anti-living-in-Shadows) by continuing irreversibly-one-way, step-by-step-bringing of mass-after-mass of illegals ever closer to their inevitable full injection into US society. Why does the US' FreesnickerPress NEVER air the views of those who question whether inserting millions of sneaks into the US will uplift the nation's integrity?
    [The sneaky aspect is essential to keeping the peon-victim so scared that he will work for peanuts. (And each peon-wave, when legitimized enough to earn better, is replaced by a new wave of illegals — ready to take the jobs of the previous wave.) All to SAVE-the-economy. By helping the rich get richer. And lowering middle class wages.]

  • Dembos affect a passion for raising the Minimum Wage. But if that happens, then alot of jobs that natives previously wouldn't take would become attractive. So illegals would be less needed to fill out the US labor force. Have Dems thought out the effect on its base?

  • A Contradiction Made Out of Pure Media-Brainwash:
    It is a remarkable sociological oddity of US intellectual circles that many who can with equanimity discuss the dangers of population-control, bridle at warnings of the parallel dangers of border-control's absence — having evidently allowed the US media to shame them into “thinking” it elitist, racist, and-or immoral to oppose the greedy gameplan (concocted by the same super-rich forces that own the media-network that does the muddled's Thinking for them) of destroying ordinary job-holding citizens' wage-bargaining power by replacement (or threat thereof) by illegal labor or somesuch.
    How can one separate the two issues, when the illegals are [a] spilling over borders DUE TO overpopulation (and its attendant poverty & joblessness) in their own nations, and [b] carry into the US the virus of a culture-of-overpopulation, which dumdum-explodes upon entry?
    [What plague has ever been cured by bringing mega-doses of it into hitherto-uninfected homes? (What history suggests that the poverty-plague is any different?) Do the hugely-mansioned pol-pitchmen, who promote such political snake-oil, swallow it themselves?]

  • Note that opposing peon-tsummogration has no conflict with encouraging the best of the world's minds (e.g., Einstein himself) to join the US. So much (in so fields) is owed to immigrants that the positives of selective immigration are disputed by no thinking citizen.

  • Propaganda 101: This Is How It's Done
    — Let's Let Establishment Media Do Our Thinking for Us
    PowerDrool Chris Matthews (2010/5/28 MS-NBC 17:28EDT, emph added): “Rand Paul, Kentucky's libertarian senate candidate has opened another can of worms … saying he opposes citizenship for children born in the US to parents who are here illegally…. I don't think many Americans are with him on this one.”
    [So why aren't the old-reliable establishment-owned “pollsters” backing up Drool with some polling numbers on what the (legal) public really wants on this issue? On other issues regarding illegals, media-published poll-results tend to be as near 50-50 as question-massaging can manage; but on this obvious a matter, anything near an even split would be such a laugh that it's probably not worth endangering kept-pollsters' rulership-valued cred by even trying out such a prank.]

  • A Mickey Mouse Solution to Dodging Dirt-Work
    — and Its Sorcerer's-Apprentice Inundative Catch-22Million
    Bringing in slavey-labor to do your menial tasks for you looks like a neat route to royal freedom from bother.
    Hey, it worked for Fantasia's Mickey Mouse, didn't it?

  • How many decades of TV 'snews must pass before one hears a comparison between [a] a union's need for “closed shop” against scabs and [b] a nation's need for protectionist legislation to prevent labor from competing with sweatshops and peon-slaves? An omission which makes the press complicit in the 2008 meltdown that resulted from its dereliction in this regard: most money in the US ended up so disproportionally in the grasp of the super-greedy that too few citizens could afford to consume — or even to keep paying bank-vigorish to keep roofs over their heads: the standard 30y-slavery-contracts which are customarily called “mortgages”.

  • Much current discussion of illegal mass-peon-importation is by observers who only recently realized (or [in the case of a few persons in the press, which dutifully doesn't quote Rob't Frost when discussing heavy immigration] claim they only recently realized) that the US they valued is being submerged under waves of illegals — a coldly-deliberate business-maxi-profit scheme which, for questionable-at-best social gain, is risking the loss (to transformation or [less immediately likely] extinction) of a great civilization.
    DR is not among the late-comers. As a mathematician, he has since the 1970s been speaking openly and undiplomatically (at home and abroad) of the circular and thus explosively exponential dangers of flood-importing poverty, ill-health, drug-gang-warfare, bunnyrabbit-religions, and peon-exploitation.
    His warnings have repeatedly appeared in DIO since its inception:

    DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡8 n.33 [p.85]. DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 §G1 [p.7]. DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §L1 [p.85]. DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §F1 [p.118]. DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §O2 [p.61]. DIO 16 [2009] ‡4 §G7 [p.48].

    [Notice these volumes' numbers are exponential: all powers of two.]

  • Is This Inevitable When the Gov't Has All the Serious Weapons?
    Gov't-encouraged&protected massive cheap-labor-cornucopia illegal immigration is a statement to the gov't's own inundated, increasingly job-nervous citizenry. And that statement is unmistakable:

    You are replaceable. You are expendible. And you are powerless to resist.

  • When a company finds its fiscal balance-sheet getting worrisome, a commonly sought remedy is semi-Ponzi: start bringing in more investors, even though they'll be heavily owed later. (TIAA & AARP look like they're resorting to something like so.) Isn't the US' recently-high-tide mass-immigration analogous? — and with the same flaw: you're only going to owe more than ever, down the road. As the US' addiction (to having its dirt-jobs done dirt-cheap by another race) spreads the promised-future-benefits of US citizenship ever wider, the bills that will come due are merely postponed.
    [One of those exponentially-exploding bills may be the eventual desire of the new citizens themselves to exploit their own imported cheap-labor.
    Another: new citizens will drive cars, thus polluting the atmosphere more than ever, not to mention requiring ever-more killing of Arabs to acquire the oil needed to fuel said cars.]

  • Just a TV 'snews-Unalterable-Fact-of-Life? —
    Or: Which Way Will the Nation Alter If This Isn't Altered?
    One frequently hears on TV 'snews that gov't immigration police force can't do much deporting of illegals because it's “overwhelmed”.

  • Unlike the situation in the mid-20th century, the average (not necessarily median) of the US citizens' IQ is now probably below 100. And continues to descend. Does anyone in the media care what the effect will be upon rational democracy and the level of culture and civility?

  • Most of the world now speaks English, which helps international communication so much that world businessmen now MUST know English. So why is business simultaneously luring mostly non-English-speaking labor into the US? — poor people who are already peons in their own disaster nation (generally [Hugo Chavez a prominent ex-exception] ruled — as for the last 500y — by awfully-European-looking rulers like V.Fox), even before crossing the Rio Grande. This spectacle only makes sense if the lurers see labor as inferiors — and (despite pious contrary protestations) a permanently separate peon class here in the future US.

  • Q: Why do pols fear offending illegals? — when they can't vote?
    A: The illegals' ethnic-brethren voters care.
    So, ah, tell me again who the racists are here?
    [The top lobby (highly visible and audible on the toob these days) for illegals in the US actually calls itself “La Raza” — which in another language (you'll never guess which) means “The Race”. (And note: it's not A Race. It's THE Race.]

  • It's a Great Day for Aztec Mexico…
    Ponder the Joys Which Melticultural DIVERSITY Will Be Bringing to Mexico!
    Montezuma's Entry for History's Famous-Last-Words Hall-of-Fame
    What did Montezuma say, when white-male European conquistador Hernando Cortez arrived in Mexico City after crossing the Great Water, splashing ashore near “True Cross” (Vera Cruz), and bloodbathing his way to Monty's palace?
    Monty-to-Herny: “Welcome, WetBack!
    [If you're going to write this type of appalling alleged humor, it helps to belong to whatever clan is likely to get upset; so it is fortunate that DR is genetically a hybrid of both parties to this romp. (Latino genes are 80%-90% American Indian. DR is directly descended from Powhatan, the Indian Emperor [so identified in his daughter Pocahantas' portrait], as well as from European royalty, Britain's Henry III. [Ancestry info from geneologist William Rawlins.])]

  • Is US business' current frantic force-flooding the nation with cheap illegal labor just a symptomatic desperate last-gasp ploy, to shore up a deeply troubled, debt-ridden economy, though the same business community won't admit it — other than by such blatant symptoms?
    [Note: This was posted 2007/3/20.]

  • Further New York Times Establishment-Contempt for the Law:
    On 2007/9/26, the New York Times gleefully page-one-trumpetted the reversal of anti-illegal efforts in Riverside, NJ, citing economic problems there, and pretending that the whole town (not a corrupt mayor & local businessmen) had turned against the idea. Is the US as permanently hooked on foreign illegals as on Arabian oil and China's buying up the national debt? How did the US ever get along on its own? — without these three crutches-for-the-feeble.

  • Some Speeds Exceed Others
    Walled and Non-Walled
    The love of ultraplutocrats for Latino peons is touching. You can tell how deep it runs. US businesses are quick to arrange Spanish-language ballots, signs, grocery-checkouts, TV-channels. In unwalled Baltimore, most of this was helpfully arranged even before the mass of the “beneficiarpies” arrived. And the greatest sign of business' affection was the pay, wasn't it? — so that the belovéds might soon be enriched enough to move up into the wealthy walled neighborhoods where their benefactors welcome one&all….
    Well, oooo-hmmm, yes, OK, that part of the love-pact will take ahhhh-while. But — but rest assured that (like we've been telling our also-too-impatient blacks, ever since blink-of-an-eye-ago 1865) we are working on it. As the equally guileless Scarlett O'Hara told the Tarleton twins, agonizing so visibly before them, over the issue of which was handsomer: “I was awake all last night tryin' to figure it out.”
    [Another symptom of the rich establishment's deepconcern for the welfare of its newly-acquired herd of Hispanic peons: the loan-shark-level interest-rates charged by the most Respectable banks' credit cards, which gouge 15%-25% out of those too poor to catch up fiscally, thereby ensuring that they stay that way — locked into an electronic debtor's-prison — and thus too desperate, vulnerable, & manipulable ever to have a chance to bargain for what the callous loaners would regard as a decent wage.
    Indeed, it might be worth asking if the steady establishment of such rates — which would have been considered obscene a generation ago — does not in itself constitute a tocsin, warning us how far the US has gone down the road towards reverting to its serf-exploiting origins.]

  • Globalist Superstition — Gov't-Certified Alchemy, Foreign & Domestic
    — Globalist-Magic-Trick: Pulling a Rabbit Into a Hat
    As of 2007, the US press has finally woken to the folly of accepting Bush's Iraq gotta-justify-the-oilgrab-war-somehow con of claiming that tens of millions of persons of a bunnyrabbit religion cultural tradition and level can be alchemically transformed (Islam→“democracy”) swiftly and without ghastly and classic war-after-effect alchemic-alteration of one's own society.
    Yet, that same press has still not been willing to take notice of the equally demented vision implicit in:
    [a] US business's encouragement of tsummogration-waves from Mexico and Central America, while
    [b] that same corporate world's press tries to con the middle class (drumbeat-claiming wondrous benefits [all for you, though you didn't vote for it] from mass-immigration) by keeping implicitly afloat — and suppressing public debate about — the equally delusional hokum that the US can attempt to absorb (under Uncle Sam's hat) and transform tens of millions of ill-educated, rabbitly-multiplying immigrants without risking degradation of rational democratic traditions.

  • The Score's Score
    Experience-Based Predictive Probability That a Predominantly Hispanic US Won't Remain Toppe Nation
    — Are 21-to-Zero Odds a Good Bet?
    There are roughly a score of Hispanic nations. And what's their score?
    How many are First World?
    OK — even Second World?

  • As the US transforms into a nation ruled by a small minority of European-descended exploiters of American-Indian-descended peons, we may look south to see the level of culture and intellectual progress such a mix produces.

  • Live by the Flood, Die by the Flood:
    We are often told by globalist stooges that we're-a-nation-of-immigrants. (So: what country isn't?) We're also a nation of eternal-scab cheap-labor job-insecurity. (Are these two we're-a-nation truths mayhap connected?) In a nation being flooded by illegal cheap labor, this slogan is as intelligent as excusing mass boozing by pleading that we're a nation of drinkers.)
    Yes, the US was created by adventurous and Indian-killing European immigrants. And their slaves. And enticed cheap-labor-immigrants from the 1840s on. And yes, paying dirt-wages is anti-inflation. But: consider the media-ignored other side:
    Immigrant-floods were also a factor in: the bloody War Between the States, unionism's atrophy, the US' crime waves, the increasing desperation of the middle class, the epidemic of AIDS (among other diseases), and 9/11.
    I.e., despite an eternal lullaby of soothing claims by labor's exploiters and their media whorelings, too-sudden mass-immigration's social positives are tenuous (unless making the super-rich even richer counts), while its potential for impoverishment, hatred, and violence are palpable.

  • BleatingHeart-LeftWing Herd — Cuts Own Throat in Slomo:
    “Refugee”-hugging leftists cementally continue to reject recognition of any downside to tsunamic illegal immigration. Yet, hasn't anyone on what's-left-of-the-left noticed where socialism is surviving most prosperously and peacefully? In Iceland & Norway.

    [Since this was posted, Iceland's economy collapsed due to its socialist-naïve populace's over-trust of a different type of alien, which lured the nation into a too-good-to-be-true borrowing binge induced by post-socialist involvement with greedy globalist bankers.
    (Whose sympathy with the victim may be gauged by the question bankers were gleefully passing around after Iceland's newly privatized banks crashed: “Hey, what's the capital of Iceland?” Answer: “Two kroner.”) However, the recovering nation's standard of living is still high, and the poverty & murder rates remain minuscule.]
    Funny, Iceland & Norway are the most culturally & racially homogenous European-culture nations, with trivial immigration compared to those where socialism is dying. What a spatial coincidence! See a confirmatory parallel temporal coincidence below. Try to find either mentioned anywhere in the globalist-owned US “free press”.
    (Not there? — well, must be just another coincidence….)
    [Further population-merge upshot at DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §G3 [p.14].]
    But it's encouraging to see top leftists beginning to awaken (at last!) to some sort of perception that immigration is killing them while enriching their fatcat enemies, in a black-hole vicious-cycle (which is far easier to get in-to than out-of).
    [Still, one must interject a Menckenesque query: is there any hope for a left whose supposed best-minds couldn't perceive the fatcat-vs-left benefit-ratio during DECADES of ever-deeper descent into the steep tsummogration-pit? — a point which a child could understand in 5 minutes of contemplation.]
    E.g., Karen Jespersen, Denmark's 2008-appointed Minister of Social Welfare: International Herald Tribune 2007/11/10 p.2.
    And Dutch Labor Party chair Lilianne Ploumen, whose long-term-provident 2008 mid-December position-paper's bluntness and perceptiveness shocked John Vinocur into detailed and prominent coverage from Amsterdam: International Herald Tribune 2007/12/30 p.2.
    [Is it coincidental that both alerts are issued by women? Isn't tsummogration's inevitable, street violence more threatening to females? (Should men have perhaps had enough empathy to care about this? But, then, since when did women's rights ever compare with ethnic ones, so long as the mostly-male gov't-media combine protects mostly-male exploitation of cheap imported labor?) Ploumen specifically says: “The street is mine, too. I don't want to walk away if [just-jail-sprung trouble-making young people] are standing in my path.”]

  • Today's massive illegal immigration: The New Slavery.
    Start calling the trend just so, and observers might pick up more quickly less slowly
    — on what's been drip→flow→gush happening all over the endangered First-World — an unleashed-pure-greed-phenomenon that will be remembered by future generations of intelligent but option-less former-middle-class&going-down sardines with the same revulsion and regret (and disbelief in the perps' self-improvidence and cruelty) as the original US slave-trade.

  • “Cheap Imports” used to refer to cars. Will it soon mean people?

  • “Lib” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (an offspring of the Baltimore mob) loves massive immigration. As one who's worth roughly $50,000,000 (GOP-hit-author Peter Schweitzer Do As I Say 2005 p.140), she of course lives nicely (insulated from what the dying US middle class has to put up with from such inundation.) So, let's try a thought-experiment: Nancy works hard, takes care of her property, has no more children than she can afford — but let's say she has a next-door neighbor who is so out of control that he has many more children than he can afford — oh, let's say, ordmag a million more per year — and this million start spilling over the dividing fence, etc. (You can fill in the rest of the dreary saga without much imagination ….)
    One doubts that Nancy would react with the same huggy attitude she asks the US public to have, to an obviously analogous situation.

  • Yes, there are some obvious differences between the old and new slaveries. But they are not all in one direction. E.g., not even the Old South's rulers thought of taxing the poor whites to pay for their slaves' social services.

  • Up until recently, there were relatively few third-world immigrants into Eastern Europe. This might be taken as Western-press-unremarked evidence that commie regimes (whatever their well-known down-sides) were attempting to build a world for workers' benefit — in contrast to globalist-capitalism's ever-more-refined technique of massively bringing in scab labor to terrorize the average citizen via fear of imminent replacement.
    [Note how quickly all this changed when Russia went capitalist: the AP reports (International Herald Tribune 2007/1/16 p.3) that resentment of new floods of peon-nation immigrants into Russia has caused the gov't to enact a classically-phony “reform” that sets a cap of merely 6 million immigrants/year (in a nation of 143 million, nearly 10% illegals already), which — even assuming Russia's native population doesn't continue declining — guarantees a peon majority in about 20 years. Is anybody even bothering to math-extrapolate where historical Russia is headed, as the rich-poor gap's obscenity there is rapidly exceeding even the US'? And: Is anyone naïve enough to imagine that the flood and the gap are unrelated? Or that both are not related to mob-takeover of Russia. And, ah, how does the US differ in kind?]

  • Strange. Those who claim that the US-Mexico wall won't work haven't shown awareness of their own best argument.

  • Maginot-Line-West and Going-Under:
    The only thing which the diversionary US-Mexico half-wall will slow is: congressional debate, on creation of a national identity card (plus severe birth-control strictures in Latin America and here), i.e., seriously-enacted solutions to the galloping conversion of the US into a drainoff for population-bursting Latin American's overflow, which will otherwise accelerate US greatness' already-well-underway destruction by tsubmersion under a democracy-degrading ocean of demagogue-manipulable wage-slave serfs (as if the old US wasn't already spiraling into manipulability, anyway, if it so-long fell for sweet globalist BS on illegal immigration) — or stratification under a slave-based WASP-fascist racial dictatorship.
    [If banks can create a hard-to-crack card, the gov't surely can. And is doing so — for passports — but always finds an excuse or delay (such as the wall) to dodge creating a secure ID card for the whole citizenry.
    By far the most citizen-insulting part of the identity-card debate is the deliberately dishonest hired-liar-inspired dunningly-broadcast canard that it would be too intrusive or anti-privacy. This, from a business-gov't combine that already has for years spied on all its legal citizens — and hoards galaxies of credit-card, tax, & personal etc info on them — even before Moslem immigration brought on spying on everyone's emails and telephones.
    DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §A2 [p.77] looks at parallel lobby-logic in another arena:
    “As the average US citizen is (even between wars) subjected to hundreds of nightly-news & other media-entertainment murders per annum (including the most extreme cinema grue), nonetheless, death-penalty opponents continue to argue that the (very) occasional & (very) sanitized state execution of a murderer might (ibid §E2 [p.79]): brutalize US society.”]

  • When in 2010 Jan, even Lib-Massachusetts rejected the Obama-Baucus insurance-industry-written Health Care crock, Howard Fineman (MS-NBC) suggested that such reforms as banning pre-existing-conditions be passed separately from a whole package, noting that even Dumbos couldn't vote against such a bill. (And, ah, why didn't that occur to Obama a year earlier? Why would anyone want a huge, complex Rube-Goldberg good&bad monstrosity? — unless the ultimate purpose is other than the good stuff.) Suggestion: see if Fineman's willing to make a parallel proposal on “comprehensive” immigration reform. E.g., how about a bill just on closing the border. And, once that's seriously done (e.g., effective punishment for employers, a national ID card), THEN consider what to do with the illegals&co who've already broken the law. Understand that the elementary reason this simple proposal isn't getting done is: the rulership doesn't want to close the border, so it always attaches some kind of amnesty, which damps public support while encouraging potential new immigrants to hope for their own eventual amnesty.

  • Tsumo-Wrestling the Middle Class to the Mat:
    The simplest proof that the US' business-rulership (not the duped left) is the prime force behind tsunamic-hefty illegal immigration is: its “Free Press” has ignored or promoted or alibied it until now — when (the scheme's architects [perhaps rightly] think) it's too-late to save the uppity, wage-demanding middle class from degradation or extinction.

  • Isn't it curious how the US gov't can long-term plan so well when it comes to giving tax breaks to the wealthy and to building Alaskan bridges-to-nowhere — yet just can't-do-anything-right when it comes to stopping illegals' border-crossings?

  • Given Europe's present turning against aliens from the Middle East, it's historically enlightening to think back 100y ago — to remember which side was then immigrating into which. (And: not to provide labor, but to suck out the Arabs' oil treasure.)

  • Selective Bleeding:
    Numerous leftists have long imagined that illegal immigration was their kind of bleeding-heart cause. Didn't ANY of them (for decades) bother to wonder about the significance of the bizarre spectacle that the plutocrats' press organs were spouting the very same junk on immigration (just-seeking-a-better-life, etc) as Leftist rags were? Didn't they ever ask: just WHY did the business community's notoriously hard heart start selectively bleeding just about massive illegal immigration and similar cheap-labor schemes?

  • The history of the US has been a succession of dominances by wealthy factions (often built upon exploitation of a different succession of in&out-of-fashion cheap-labor exploitee-groups): Founding Fathers, industrialists, plantations-owners, Robber-Barons, trusts, monopolies, cartels, corporations, etc. So, is it coincidental that the only period in US history when immigration was virtually shut down (from the 1920s to the 1950s) was also a unique period of wage-egalitarianism and union vitality?
    [Is the US' so-called Left even serious? — if it cannot at least consider such questions publicly.
    Is, e.g., The Nation dumb? suicidal? innumerate? Or — the tool (wittingly or no) of wealthy contributors who have supported it off&on for much of its existence?]

  • Mass peon-immigration inevitably dilutes a nation's wealth.

  • Some negative discussions of mass-immigration into the presently-prosperous First World's middle classes (US & Europe, etc) implicitly or explicitily claim a moral approach — generally something about patriotism. If thought-out, this comes down to a somewhat defensible (though rarely if ever explicated) proposition: it's better that 10% of the world live well than that all be in poverty — and indeed mass-poverty would be the case if all Earth's commodities were suddenly re-divided equally, leaving nobody with enough for a decent life.
    [US capitalists used to publicly attack communism on exactly this basis — so it's ironic that they are the very people now using waves of illegals to bring their own complaint to pass.]
    (Most leftists cannot face this obvious truth — thinking instead that the world's per-capita poverty is some kind of globalist mal-distribution plot or just-temporary [throughout all of human history so-far] bungling.) Though DR believes the argument is valid, he must also notice that a suspiciously high percentage of those who agree are, coincidentally, already in the 10%, not the 90%.
    [One is reminded of the Walt Kelly observation (in his old Pogo Possum comic strip) that: most of those who promote birth control have already gotten born.]
    But one wonders if the rock-bottom argument, usually masked as “patriotism,” isn't just group-selfishness? (OK, it is patriotism.) Stripped bare, the underlying attitude of First Worlders vis-à-vis the rest of the world is: I'm in the First-World 10% and you're not.

  • But if the First World middle classes' theoretical justification (for using most of the planet's wealth) is that it's better for one tenth of mankind to be grossly prosperous than zero tenths, it's odd that none among them realize that the even-greedier rulership is simultaneously thinking something quite similar (and doing-so much more consciously, determinedly, & efficiently): it's better that one thousandth of mankind be deliriously, obscenely prosperous than zero thousands, so we'll import slave-scabs for profit, which, yes, may dump the present middle class — that is, 99% of the non-poor — into relative poverty; but, we will thereby end up roughly a hundred times richer than we are already, as we wish deserve.
    (DR obviously disapproves, noting that the middle class is the green-house of intellectual and artistic creativity. But, another coincidence: most of those who agree with DR here [if not DR himself] tend to be in the above-cited 99%.)
    [One must also note: the creative middle-class green-house can use lavish watering. Funding for the finest science (Tycho, Newton) and music (Wagner, Rachmaninov) has often come from old money or royalty, in non-democratic nations. Also, oligarchical-decision gov't science, not public-subscription, funds such projects as the Hubble Space Telescope. (And, let's not forget: napalm & nukes.) As for music, public-subscription provided partial support for Beethoven; today's current-equivalent funding goes to lip-synch MTV-shriek-freaks.]

  • The costs (to social peace, etc) of sudden huge population shifts and-or mergings are obvious. Some among the left, libertarians, and religious groups claim to see the matter strictly as an individual freedom issue — customarily exhibiting a priest-like lack of concern for the actual consequences of such piety — including the effects on vital individual freedoms. (See some tragironic examples [and our re-write of the civil-rights hymn] at DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §E [pp.116-117].) Though a non-worshipper of Lincoln, DR admires his simple, frank admission of what's to be done, especially when confronting a nation-saving crisis:
    you can't have all freedoms — some must be sacrificed to preserve others. Next-time you're bored at the tedium of bag-emptying and getting frisked at the airport, next-time you suspect the NSA is bugging you, or next-time you wonder why the US' English language (which has been helping the world's nations communicate directly with each other at last) is less-used every passing year in the US itself — well, you might reflect upon the contribution (hardly the sole or even dominant one) made by Abe-ignoring, unlimited-immigration-adoring idealists, towards creating a US which is increasingly living under such constrictions.

  • Mayor As Super-Coyote The MartO'Malley Solution to Crime-Caused Metropolitan Shrinkage —
    The two-term mayor of Baltimore (“B-More”), Martin O'Malley, devised an ethically-uplifting plan to reverse the city's steady population-decline (c.900,000 in mid-20th-century to c.600,000 today), which has been largely due to crime festering out of the old shamelessly-exploited desperate-cheap-labor pool: blacks. Mart plans to restore it by inviting in a new wave of shamelessly-exploited desperate-cheap-labor: Latinos. (Mart pioneered this notion even before post-Katrina New Orleans thought of it.) Just one more chapter in returning the US to a dependence upon what will be old-time slavery without the name. (And the descendants of the new wave of desperate-exploiteds won't turn to crime or worse. Will they?)

  • Bad Good-News:
    The bad news: the city's still shrinking.
    The “good” news: it won't be shrinking much longer….
    Oh, well,

    As East St.Louis used to say —
    who needs a tax-base, anyway?

    [A thought that may explain why Mart is moving to Annapolis where, as state-gov't-O'Malley, he can dig up out of state coffers enough alien fiscal infusions to bail out the city's aliens.
    (And when this process eventually reduces the entire state of Maryland to the present fiscal state of Baltimore, then ….)]

  • How many more decades will pass, before the US' ever politically-correct (PC) Free-snicker-Press will mention birth control in connexion with its otherwise exhaustive discussions of mass-immigration into the US from Latin America? (Likewise: no such mention regarding oil, air pollution, etc.) Isn't this like covering modern wars without noticing arms manufacturers? Or reporting on hurricane Katrina without noticing the water?
    [What a perfect time to shut down public discussion of the societal benefits of birth-control & abortion — just when the nation is being flooded by the overflow of birth-control-challenged nations. Wages of the very censorial-PC sin which itself has been much-caused by that flood.]

  • Doesn't a Level-Playing-Field Include Leveling with the Public? :
    Remember when, a generation ago, typical ultra-capitalist bleeding-heart Lee Iacocca (former Chrysler Corp CEO) started his campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty? (And you think that super-immigration wasn't being planned from way-back?) His team's slogan was “Save the Lady”. That's funny. In a democratic nation, shouldn't the public be told that it isn't really being asked to back a big sculpture, but a policy? Yeah, but how well would the campaign have done, if its slogan was: “If you love immigration, Save-the-Lady”?

  • The Old Clay Lady?:
    As noted here, the New York Times and its International Herald Tribune (since re-named the International New York Times), even while posing as champions of the common weal, editorially claimed in 2007 that the US must import desperate cheap alien labor to prevent collapse of the US economy.
    [Note added 2014: Your plan has worked wonderfully, hasn't it? Labor-participation rate? National debt? Wealth distribution? Fraction of population on dole? Inter-ethnic amiability?]
    Yet from the unremittingly-obsessive daily trashing, by the horrified 1906 NYC press-establishment (e.g., NYTimes and NYHerald), of alleged-populist guv-candidate WRHearst (Orson Welles' “Citizen Kane”), for his unforgiveable crime of fomenting “class-warfare” (i.e., soak-the-establishment), we find (see International Herald Tribune 2006/10/10 p.2, “In Our [Tribune's?] Pages” 100 years ago):

    Mr.Hearst …. went on the defensive and declared that he had never employed Chinese labor in his life …. [though] evidence exists that Chinese are so employed [by the Hearst estate]. This exposure of inconsistency is attracting editorial comment in all parts of the country and making laboring men ponder whether their golden idol is not clay.

  • Upper vs Uppity:
    The heart of the world phenomenon of capitalist nations importing third-world nations' population-overflow is simple: the more the corporate world's rulers can replace the naïvely-expectant uppity middle class with docile peon labor, the more of the nation's wealth can be kept by themselves. Where it belongs.
    [Use of the word “peon” here&elsewhere is not intended as a verbal insult to those who are already receiving far worse insults of salary, nutrition, safety, and general working conditions. It simply reflects the inner view of the exploiteds' outwardly pious lurers. The word's original medieval spelling, “pawn”, might better convey the point.]

  • The ultimate irony: those PCies who robotically object to calling anyone a “peon” haven't (yet) awoken to the fact that the ever more powerful, exclusive, cut-throat rulership sees them and mine as mere peons, as well. How much loss of freedom and of job&status-security will it take before it dawns upon the citizens of the US and Europe that their nations' transforming-as-we-watch “democracies” are run by paragons of power-madness, simply because humans' natural lust for rule has been incrementally (nobody said 1984 occurred overnight) enabled and amplified as never previously, by the monotonically advancing sciences of weaponry and media-psychology. Does the ordinary citizen (peon or peon-to-be) know what such people are like? That they knife last week's pal-colleague, just to grab his corporate share for themselves? That they eat and down-size each other? So, think they give a damn for you? — a powerless stranger.
    By the time middle-class citizens realize the peonury (no typo) they are doomed to, will they have left any means of fighting back?

  • Some Cultures More Equal Than Others?:
    As one nation after another rains its population-overflow upon the cheap-labor-greedy US, there appears to be no concern among profs of anthropology that this endangers the survival of the very US culture that dominated the 20th century. (In pure science, practical inventions, arts, FDR-idealism, and fascism-destruction.) But — isn't this the same field whose profs used to get hysterical if the US tried to “pollute” the culture of Lower Slobovia by injecting such subversive non-native elements as plumbing and popsicles?

  • If the Atlantic were no wider than the Rio Grande, would blacks have been starved and-or swindled into coming “voluntarily” into degrading effective-slavery in the US? — as desperate Mexican peons are now doing by the tens of millions.

  • Invasion of the Baby Snatches
    — 20 Million Amnesties→100 Million-Plus Kids&Grandkids:
    A border-immigration problem quickly becomes a vaginal-immigration problem, as the new population explodes exponentially. This, because the prime reason for mass-emigration from the origin-nation was: a culture of over-population.
    [After 20th century Moslems swiftly bunnyrabbitted from 1/5 to 4/5 [now 9/10] of the population of Kosovo (centuries-long-sacred to Serbs), the upshot was lethal ethnic strife, a thriving key Asia-to-Europe drugroute-economy (natural outgrowth of over-reproduction's desperate poverty), and eventually the US was taken to war by BJClinton, who went against the bunny-swamped, Moslem-killing Serbs (US allies in WW2 against Nazi-allied Croatia), taking instead the side that lived off drug-running (see DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §H34 [p.55]).
    [Then, to hide the fact that the war was attacking the modern Dracula (Milosevich) who was doing just what the US is doing in other theatres (i.e., killing Moslems), Clinton's gov't easily induced the US' lapdog Free-snicker-Press to use six syllables instead of two by (in every news story) lockstep-religiously calling his new-found allies “Ethnic Albanians” instead of Moslems.]
    All of which expense (in lives, time, labor, and treasure) has, strangely enough, not succeeded in moving Kosovo up a notch from its pre-war basket-case status.]

  • A Steepery Slope Is Worse Than a Slippery Slope:
    Today's most ubiquitous establishment argument for continuing welcoming desperate cheap-labor peons is: the-economy-depends on them. In practice, this translates: businessman A can't compete with businessman B, if B is using illegals and A isn't. Now, isn't this exactly a repeat of the circular death-spiral of the Old South, self-feedingly-sweeping the slave-states finally past the point-of-no-return on getting out of their one-way slide into dependence upon (officially, in those days) enslaved laborers?

  • The New Confederacy Overcomes “The Servant Problem”:
    The main practical difference between 19th century and 21st century US slavery is that the new slavery's civil-rights-legislation-protected non-sectionalism ensures that no internal geographical division (as in 1861: North-vs-South) can overcome it — only a lost external war can do so, after the nation's uppers have sunk to the relative sloth of the Old Confederacy.
    [Surely, the US can count on other nations not to note the decline — so we can be equally sure that no other nation will plan to avoid peon-flood degradation of its citizen-pool and thereby exceed and ultimately do to the US what the North did to the South. We know that won't happen, because our leaders are ever thinking on the long-term future, never a quick buck….]

  • In your later years, the US will be far more crowded than in your youth. However, from their palatially cavernous mansions and sparsely-peopled vast estates, Establishmentvolk declare through the hirelings of their TV stations and newspapers (and the pols they in turn elect for us) that:
    you can't just export xmillions of alien Mexillegals.
    [a] If the US can IMPORT x millions of illegals, then tell us why the US can't EXPORT x millions of illegals.
    [b] Further, assuming that the can't-do-it position is correct, then: why didn't you establishment-genii tell us (BEFORE the importation) that enormous tsummogration from poverty-world-nations is as irreversibly incurable — and as pernicious to the public weal — as emphysema, heroine-addiction, deficit-binge spending, & AIDS. (Which is why one doesn't even start down the cheap-labor road, the tobacco road, the mainline road, the debt road, or the dirt road.)

  • And It's All Just to Make the Super-Rich Even Richer — on the Backs of Peons:
    The tsuper-tsunamic injection of Latinos into the US and Moslems into Europe present an obvious damper to the dying embers of democracy in both areas. (The merest glance at the level of civilization, in the areas whence the peon-labor cometh, provides an obvious and ominous warning.)
    [What will be the social-peace effect of injecting (for-fatcat-profit) such disparate cultures into the mid-US? Don't people have enough trouble getting along? (life would be no rose-bed even absent an immigrant-scab disaster) — without greedy rulers INJECTING (into OTHERS' neighborhoods & workplaces) the needless extra separating & aggravating factors of language-barrier and natural racism.]
    And, as noted, the already-rich establishment, which is further enriching itself via immigrant cheap-labor, keeps dunning-announcing through the (its) press that the process cannot be undone — claiming that to do so would require a police-state.
    [a] The US already (is a police-state dictatorship. (Which, ironically, is exactly why the public's plea to close the nation's borders can be ignored — indeed utterly flouted.)
    [When the establishment announces that simply deporting law-breakers (which is what we're talking about) COULD lead to a police state, it's on the level of intelligence-insulting unintentional humor — like the common 2006 claim that if one doesn't follow BushLogic in Iraq, this COULD cause a civil war — this, when a civil war has already been raging there for years. Suggestion: if establishment policies depress you because of blood spilled, try to appreciate that there's always humor in watching clowns squirm.]
    Partly due to the establishment's longtime improvident-greed encouragement of massive illegal immigration, which has resulted in trembling pols' growing awareness that a US city (like NYC & Washington — or maybe NYC & Washington — also possibly NYC & Washington) could —. if the US' several growing secret polices don't super-snoop — very well end up nuked within ordmag a decade, by the wildest, most aggrieved sliver among immigrants. (Most of whom are productive and non-violent. But it only takes a few.)
    [b] If mass-immigration's destruction of workers' job-security continues, it may take a police-state to quell general public rage (already evident in polls, shootings, gangs, drugs, etc), which could lead to terrorism not just among 2nd-generation immigrants but de-stabilized and-or impoverished locals as well.
    [Was Timothy McVeigh the 1st major instance? Think he will be the last? Note: ethnic reps point to TMcV as showing that home-grown WASPs can be terrorists, too. But if the illegal-alien wave's effects helped push him to his bomb, then the argument is not merely diversionary but worthless.]
    [c] When competition for jobs and money produces ethnic paranoia, clashes between groups will require increasingly intrusive policing — even of speech, as the world (especially Europe) is learning. Rather too late.
    [d] Forums who attempt to sooth the public now speak of the need to (sub)merge incoming populations into the system — yet immigrants are stubbornly segregating themselves. (Partly due to their own religious, ethnic, & racist bigotries.) How much of a police-state is it going to require to force them to do otherwise?
    [Counter-productive AFDC policies have produced a similar Hobson's Choice between police-states, with respect to effectively controlling internal over-population.]

  • The NYTimes tells us that more & more Latin American nations are going nuts (editorial [IHT 2006/5/4 p.6]). And just as editorially decrees that the US economy depends upon importing the population-overflow of these very same countries.

  • Border Holes & Loopholes:
    The US gov't's ever-bubbling fake-solutions to our fake-leveed mostly-Mexican peon-tsunami are as varied as their bottom-line is unvaried: if the economy is absolutely establishment-decreed to be dependent upon cheap desperate labor, then think: there is no worker more manipulably-low-wage than a frightened illegal. So, whatever “reforms” — such as mass-amnesty — are effected, one can count on illegal labor continuing, since employers will still want dirt-cheap workers and so will avoid hiring amnesty-legitimized labor. (Therefore, exploiting illegals would inevitably continue at precisely the present well-regulated pace: just as many illegals as are needed at the bottom end of the labor market — no more, no less. Come, now: did you seriously think that the pace of mass-immigration into the US is random?!)
    [Keep in mind David Low's cartoon-Colonel Blimp: “Gad, sir, reforms are all right as long as they don't change anything.”]
    I.e., trust the holy-capitalist-religion's theologian-lawyers of the US' corporate-puppet Congress — lobbydom's LoopHoley Men — to insert the needed escape-hatches into all legislation. Yes, the hatches are expensive; but they pay for themselves many times over — and it's a safely air-tight conspiracy.

  • As Lenin observed of capitalists' unquenchable greed: for short-term profit, they'll sell you the rope you'll hang them with.

  • The Illegal-Immigrant Noose:
    The cheap-labor-obsessed, scrooge-dominated US business-establishment has long arranged it that most “better-life”-seeking immigrants into the US are illegal (who'll work for less than legals). What an inspirational plan for the US' future: let business cram the nation with fellow-greedy, sneaky, law-breaking cheaters. (And, strictly from the viewpoint of the businessman who's looking for manual labor: the dumber, the better.)

  • The Pitbull Principle:
    The usual alibi for not stitch-in-time heading off an inevitable Moslem-terrorist attack on a western capital is: most Moslems immigrants are civil & productive citizens. But, even granting this, there's that lethal small fraction of terrorists.
    To get across the wisest reasoning here, let's look at what DR calls his “Pitbull Principle”: you want a puppy to immigrate into your family. You know that most pitbulls are OK; but, say, 1% of them would like to rip out your daughter's throat. For cocker spaniels, the rate is 0%. So which puppy is your choice for immigration?

  • Might it not be kind to warn the latest wave of illegal immigrants into the US that the reason the nation (which they seek entry into) is rich is that it is squeezing cheap, degrading virtual-slave labor out of the previous waves of their own brethren.

  • Protoplasmic Katrina
    — Is the US Dumber Than New Orleans?
    OK, on the single day when hurricane Katrina arrived, New Orleans was revealed as idiotic not to have built a levee for 1/100 of their DAY-of-reckoning wipe-out cost of not building one. But, for the ultimate in national improvidence, imagine not building one throughout DECADES-of-reckoning levee-breaching influx! And that sums up the US' reaction to mass-peon-immigration.
    [Did the slavery-instigated horror of centuries of racial tension — not to mention the ordmag million limbs and lives lost during the 1861-1865 War Between the States — teach the US nothing?]

  • Businessmen-Addicts:
    The business community (which owns the Medium: newspapers & TV 'snews) persistently chants that the US must continue exploiting pathetic peons because without such, the-economy-would-collapse. Isn't this on the logical level of recommending non-interference with drug-addiction since without drugs, druggies will collapse?
    [In fact, addiction to peons is even less logical. Heroine doesn't build up in your system but dissipates. (So one needs constant new shots.) By contrast, immigrants multiply like viruses. Which point raises the question (ever press-unasked, of course): if the US economy needs cheap illegal alien labor, it's already got tens of millions of what it wants — yet the rulership seeks more?]

  • Immigrants Are Just Seeking a “Better Life”.
    But It Can't Be As Good as That of Those Who Most Talk-Up “A Better Life”?
    If it's OK by Ted Kennedy for citizens of poor-neighbor Mexico to come into the rich US illegally, then why can't Ted's neighbors come squat on his posh Hyannisport estate, since they too just would be braving dangers and breaking unjust-inequity laws, in search of “a better life”?
    They wouldn't be immoral robber-squatters — they'd just be “undocumented” co-owners of the Kennedy estate.

  • Sex criminals tend to be of the illegal-immigrant persuasion somewhat more often than random-chance-level. Well, if a gov't 100% dominated by business interests will wink for decades at a flood of illegals (lawbreakers) from nations where women have traditional sub-peon status, and most citizens can't afford much morality (as Shaw put it in Pygmalion), then illegal and-or savage behavior — including abuse of women — just could happen.

  • If the Church wants to push immigration, let it welcome its birth-uncontrolled wards' children into Vatican City. Won't it be fun to re-name the place “Bratican City” — as rising protoplasm turns St.Peter's Square into St.Peter's Cube, while its column of baby-flesh accelerates upwards towards the Moon…?
    [DR has been asking this question for 1/2 a century. He was pleasantly shocked that Ross Douthat proposed something like it in the International New York Times 2016/2/22 p.9, wondering aloud (in reaction to pope Frankie's worry that Trump's wall isn't Christian) whether the Vatican's own no-immigration walls are Christian.]

  • Trojan-War Nuclear-Update: Beware Nuts Bearing Gifts
    — Desperate Disparates
    Does the literal Trojan Horse myth seem a trifle incredible? Is it possible that a few priests' lust for a grand equine idol killed Troy? Or, in truth, is the myth merely a centuries-long-oral-legend's eventual attractive mizzling of the use of a huge equine battering ram to finally breach the walls of Troy after an unusually long war? (Though a 10-year unremitting camp-out siege is hard to swallow — given both sides' inevitable supply problems. Genesis obviously confused months & years [when giving the ages of the patriarchs], so maybe the Trojan War was nonetheless 10 weary months?)
    But, then, human folly's incurability suggests the possibility that the myth reflects a larger truth about long-term conquest. Indeed, something like it is playing out right before us in the present day. For centuries, Islam battered and butchered to conquer Europe. In vain — since the Christians' heroes Charles Martel and Dracula [Vlad Tepes] battered and butchered Islam. But now, ever-more-capitalist Europe's mono-maniacal Simon-Legree-come-to-life lust to reduce “wage pressures” has (even while the production of nukes gets cheaper, smaller, wider) invited-in the cheap-labor trojan-horse of a destructively-fanatical nut-religion. (Excuse redundance.) One wonders what future civilized generations (if there are any) will think of the my-SUPERriches-first exploitive European oinkers responsible for this.
    (Doesn't anyone recall why the “closed-shop” rule was established for unions under the New Deal? — without it, wages would obviously flag. Which is [big-surprise] just what they're doing.) [A guess: the current mass-Moslem-immigration-into-Europe disaster will be recalled much like the importation of (official) slaves into the Americas.]

  • Desperate Disparates:
    One is especially amused at the old one-two-three of boringly standard TV 'snews-patter, adhering to the How-Free-Traders-Get-It-Done-To-Beat-Down-Worker-Bargaining-Power manual:
    [1] Lure desperate spare peons illegally into your country at illegally bleep wages (“just seeking a better life” — an excuse which could alibi any other illegal grab-activity).
    [2] Push for ethnic-sensitive censorship. (Free-speech's constriction is just one of the un-pre-mentioned blessings that come-bundled with disruptive mass immigration or integration of disparate groups.) Call blunt criticism “hate speech”, as in Moslem-infested Europe, where offenders can be arrested, fined, even jailed as needed. (With no concern at all as to whether the criticism is accurate.)
    [3] Then hit the middle class with ethnic quotas (or just “preferences”), to get the several job-competing ethnic groups at each others' throats — if they aren't already there.
    And won't-it-be-fun to label it all: “Affirmative Action” — an adman-devised term that's as upbeat-syrupy as “Free Trade”….]

  • How a Nation of Cheaters Gets More of Same: the Message Conveyed:
    Immigrant x-year amnesty bills = the MORE (longer) you cheated the immigration laws (with the connivance of cheating businessmen), the better your chance of getting into the US permanently.

  • Unless one wishes future US civilization increasingly to resemble Mexico [a narco-state so well-run that fully 2% of its murders get solved], one might think hard about the wisdom of continuing to compromise with a one-way trend, as the invading Mex-rated fraction of the population creeps ever upward.
    [Again, a David Low cartoon (even though produced in the military context of Japan's 1930s armed invasion of China) seems relevantly provident.]
    (DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §F1 [p.118].)
    Those who promote immigration repeatedly chant that Latinos are taking jobs which USers won't do. Aside from the obvious (if locals were paid a decent wage, they'd do those jobs), there is another touchy point: the WASP-tradition US had a work ethic which led it to world-dominance in the last century. Indelicate question: given the state of their respective regions, can we say that the US really believes that Mexico & Central America are famous for a severe work-ethic? I.e., when globalist propaganda gets misty-eyed (and implicitly rather racist) about the supposedly superior working-desire of those south of Rio Grande, it's worth asking whether their work in the US is being done out of work-pride — or because their exploiters keep them just pennies away from starvation, and (with further waves of new peons arriving daily) can easily replace anyone who asks for enough pay to rise higher. US employers and G.Bush call this Labor. But it differs from Slavery largely in name.
    [The following comment is based upon DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 n.22 [p.96]:
    The average citizen's ability to save money has [despite occasional upward blips] been declining for decades in the US — even when salaries rose. Few US citizens have (in cash savings) more than they owe — especially if their share of the national debt is taken into account. (The national debt is now [ordmag $100,000] per 4 person family. And that debt is growing at ordmag 10% — every single year.) Is the US turning into a vast company-store town?]

  • The End of Greed?
    The Bad News:
    Though most idealists' theories of gov't attempt to effectively outlaw greed, it just can't be done. (Even mild drugs are uncontainable, and greed is the most powerful drug of them all.)
    The Good (?) News:
    Greed may be committing suicide. The 9/11 attacks were the result of oil-greed. The continuation ANYWAY of a deliberately farcical (lobbying-business-world-dream) US immigration “policy” is purely from cheap-labor greed. It won't take many generations for that mix to explode.

  • Will Moslem immigration (border and vaginal) into Europe ultimately provide the massive base of manipulable lower-class folk that can give a “popular” look to an oligarchical dictatorship of money and [the now-suddenly-desired] EU-army? — the same stunt the Caesars pulled 2000yrs ago.
    (How many of Rome's slaves were dragged in from conquered foreign lands? How did their commercial value compare to that of the better-remembered gold the Caesars looted from Gaul etc? Even as recently as Columbus, we find that slaves were the main “gold” taken from foreign nations.)

  • Does the US rulership's opposition to abortion have a racist element?
    Has it arisen out of fear that its decades of deliberate destruction of the US' southern border (to entice immigrants desperate enough to work cheap and man the army) will soon numerically wipe out WASPs?
    We may soon be able to tell. If Roe-v-Wade dies and WASP birth-rates soar, let's see if the Mexican border just happens to suddenly get tighter.
    (Indeed, are both events already discernably looming in tandem?)

  • Is US Immigration Policy Really Designed to Help Others?
    The NYTimes editorially says that the US economy needs desperate alien workers.
    From NYTimes-run International Herald Tribune 2004/1/9 (p.6) [editorial: aliens getting across the border are “needed low-paid workers” — to meet “the economic needs of the United States”.]
    And the 9/11 commission says desperate nations are breeding grounds for terrorists.
    So the US economy's health depends upon the maintenance of terrorist-breeders?
    [Note: US leaders use words like “breeders” when talking terrorists or nuke-technology, but never for Latinos.]
    Nonfacetiously: what are the unspoken implications here?
    [a] It's to say that we NEED basket-case nations (to keep supplying the stream of ultra-cheap labor, so that cheapskate corporations can cheat domestic workers of jobs while also cheating aliens of a decent wage) — which makes a mockery of the US pretense that it is involved with other nations partly in order to uplift their state.
    [b] If the rest of the world does swiftly achieve the US' standard-of-living, availability of key world resources (e.g., oil & water) would panic-plunge.
    For similarly transparent insults by the United Nations, we can turn to the NYT-run International Herald Tribune to find a prominent page-two 2004/5/3 article (neutrally headlined “In enlarged EU, a need for immigration”), quoting Josef-Alfred Grinblat “who tracks immigration at the UN Population Division”, answering those deluded skeptics who carp that it's slightly odd for a now-hugely expanded European Union to be asking for more immigration, when unemployment is already rampant. Grinblat: “Europe's unemployed, by and large, don't take jobs that are low-paying, dirty, and demeaning. These jobs need foreign workers.” (Try to imagine how long Grinblat would keep his own job if he'd instead said: “These jobs need blacks.” Question: what PC-rule classifies discrimination-by-country as less offensive than discrimination-by-race?) Incredible? Well, look it up. (Anyway, it's comforting to know that the US has no monopoly on insensitivity to the vulnerable, exploitably desperate alien workers, whom those who live in country mansions keep luring into everyboy else's already-crowded poor neighborhoods, to cram them even tighter.)
    (The argument that the US economy needs cheap labor from immigrants desperate enough to do rotten low-paying jobs is embarrassingly close to Old South pols' standard argument for not ending [official] slavery.)
    Finally, has anyone remarked two laughably obvious implications here?
    [1] If the US succeeds in its alleged aim of uplifting the world's nations (i.e., no more desperate people), then: the US economy will collapse?!
    [2] If economies need to import cheap foreign labor, then: will the world economy collapse without desperate aliens from Mars…?
    The establishment's case for continuing mass-immigration is so transparently illogical that one can only wonder if even those who mouthe it actually believe a word.
    [Note added 2008/11/13: And the alien-diluted US economy is doing so well, isn't it?! (Thank you, Rep.B.Frank, and Senators C.Dodd & C.Schumer.)]

  • Immundation and Shocking the New York Times:
    NYT-IHT's editorial of 2006/12/19 (p.6) is only slightly less unenlightened than its above-cited 2004/1/9 editorial. (This, after nearly the passage of 3  more years of US immundation. How long will it take to shock the NYT into discernable wakefulness?) Nonetheless, commenting on the admittedly-token 2006/12/12 US gov't raids on six Swift&Co peon-exploiting food-processing plants, the NYT deplores the raids and the laws. (Both frightfully inconvenient for its fellow-businessmen's already GROSS profits.) Hmm. The raids are supposed to discourage unscrupulous businesses and thus to enforce immigration LAWS. And the NYT is AGAINST this? Remember, this is the real establishment talking — and out in public. Dripping with sarcasm for the feds' bringing Spanish interpreters, and with crock-tears for the illegals “who just want to keep doing their jobs, no matter how hard and distasteful”, the editorial claims (emph added): “The U.S. economy wouldn't stand the shock if the Swift raids were multiplied to levels beyond the merely symbolic.” I.e., if the raids actually stopped the peon-flooding of the US. Question: can anyone recall the NYT ever getting upset about the shock caused by the flood itself? — the shock to the middle class? To its bargaining powers? To the level and civility of dialog?

  • Da BigBoyc Grant Ya Da BigChoice:
    Epitome of US politics: our electoral options on the issue of mass-immigration into the US. Despite some recent shows of providence by genuine conservative Republicans, much of the business-funded pro-business party (Grand Old Party or GOP) likes cost-cutting with cheap labor, so it's for more desperate immigrant labor. By utter, stark, loud, accusatory, abusive contrast, the business-funded anti-business party (the Donkey Old Party or DOP) sweetly coos that it loves-all-mankind, so it's for more desperate immigrants. Thus, both parties feed corporate slave-based profits (even while the powerless public resents massive immigration, as it always has). As the Pentagon's FOX News so often exuberantly hypes US electoral choice: “YOU DECIDE”.

  • Globalist TV 'snewsfolk often parrot that “we're a nation of immigrants” to excuse the cheap-labor flood. (We were a nation of slavers, too. Should that excuse a return thereto?) This usually-unchallenged reasoning is as smart as a polynesian island ignoring a lethal tsunami by oh-welling that, after all, “we're a maritime nation”….