Nicholas Kollerstrom
Research Fellow, 1997-2008
The Discovery of Neptune
( I have received a RAS grant for collating the British Neptune-discovery correspondence, 1835-1848)
G. B. Airy

Sir John Herschel

Urbain Le Verrier

  Adams' Co-Prediction of Neptune
Re-evaluating the Story 
2009 The Naming of Neptune JAHH
2006 A Hiatus in History
The Story of Neptune's Discovery
History of Science
2006 John Herschel and the Discovery of Neptune JAHH
2005 The Neptune-Discovery Correspondence Archive
Over 400 letters are here summarised.
2004 The Case of the Pilfered Planet
Co-authored with Craig Waff and Bill Sheehan
Sci. Amer.
2004 A review of the Scientific American article
The Observer
2003 Recovering the Neptune-files
Eggen's theft of the British Neptune-file

Newton and the Moon
Isaac Newton

The Reverend John Flamsteed

2007 Isaac Newton
Brief biography 
Biog. Enyc. Astron 
2007 John Flamsteed
Brief biography 
Biog. Enyc. Astron 
2000 Newton's Forgotten Lunar Theory
His recipe for finding lunar longitude
Green Lion Press
2000 How Newton Inspired China's Calendar
Without gravity, his 1702 lunar theory was OK
1995 Flamsteed's Lunar Data, Sent to Newton
The basis for Newton's 1694 lunar endeavour
1995 Newton's 1702 Theory + Halley's 'Saros' Correction
How epicycles came back into astronomy
1992 Halley's Hollow Earth
Did Newtonian theory imply a hollow Earth?
1991 Newton's two 'Moon-tests'
His great 1685 'Apple-Moon' computation
1985 Newton's Lunar Mass Error
How Newton got it wrong by 100%

Other Newtonian Topics
1999 Newton's delayed discovery of Gravity
The key role of the 1682 'Halley's comet'
Ann. of Sci.
1992 'Newton's Method of Approximation' -- An Enduring Myth
John Simpson lost the credit for his discovery

Galileo Galilei 2005 How Galileo Dedicated the Moons of Jupiter to Cosimo II de Medici INSAP
2004 Galileo's First Trial Astronomy Now
2004 Galileo and the New Star Astronomy Now


Jeremiah Horrocks (Portrait)

2007 Dissecting the Antikythera Mechanism Astronomy Now 
2006 Acropolis Width and Ancient Geodesy
Greek and Roman feet lengths
Int Jnl of Metrology
2005 William Crabtree's Venus-Transit Observation IAU Colloquium
1991 Crabtree's Venus-Transit Measurement
He did better than Horrocks, in 1639

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